Call For Papers : 

Authors are invited to submit complete, original and unpublished research papers to the International Conference on Business Management, E-commerce and Social Science  (ICBMESS 2018 )  which may address theoretical, methodological or practical aspects related to topics. The relevant topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Business Management System

Social Sciences :

Advertising Management 

Business & Economics 

Business Ethics 

Business Intelligence 

Business Information Systems

Business Law

Business Performance Management

Business Statistics

Change Management

Communications Management

Comparative Economic Systems

Consumer Behavior

Corporate Finance and Governance

Corporate Governance

Cost Management

Decision Sciences

Development Planning and Policy

Economic Development

Economic Methodology

Economic Policy

Economic Systems


Finance & Investment

Financial Economics

Global Business

Growth; Aggregate Productivity

Household Behavior and Family Economics

Human Resource 

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering 

Information Systems 

Information Technology Management 

International Business 

International Economics 

International Finance 

Labor Economics 

Labor Relations & Human Resource Management

Law and Economics 

Management Information Systems 

Management Science 

Market Structure and Pricing 

Marketing Research and Strategy

Marketing Theory and Applications

Operations Research 

Organizational Behavior & Theory

Organizational Communication 

Prices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles 

Product Management

Production and Organizations 

Production/Operations Management

Public Administration and Small Business Entrepreneurship

Public Choice 

Public Economics and Finance 

Public Relations 

Public Responsibility and Ethics 

Regulatory Economics 

Resource Management 

Strategic Management 

Strategic Management Policy

Stress Management 

Supply Change Management 

Systems Management 

Systems Thinking

Taxes (related areas of taxes) 

Technological Change; Research and Development 

Technology & Innovation

Time Management 

Total Quality Management 


Welfare Economics

Digital Government Application Domains:

courts, crisis management

education, emergency response

government statistics

grants administration


international initiatives and cooperation

health and human services

law enforcement and criminal justice

legislative systems

natural resources management

open government (o-government)

regulation and rulemaking

security, tax administration

transportation systems

urban planning.

Information Technology and Tools to Support Government 

cloud computing for digital government domains

collaboration tools

Management Information Systems

Mathematical Modeling in Social Science

Media and Communications, Technology

Open Learning and Distance Education

Organizational Decision Making

Physics Methods for Analyzing Social Complexity

Policy/Public Administration/Public Health

Political Science and Decision Making

Politics, society, and international relations

Population and Development

Preservation and Green Urbanism


Public Administration

Public Governance

Race/Ethnic Studies

Social and Organizational Networks

Social Complexity

Social Computing

Social Network Analysis

Social Systems Dynamics

Social Work

Social-Psychological, Social, Organizational, and Technological 


Socio-Cognitive-Technological Systems


Sociology and Social Computation

Sport and Physical Education

Standards for Metadata, Ontologies, Annotation, Curation

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Economic Development

Sustainable Human and Social Development

Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods

Sustainable Urban Transport and Environment

Technology and Education

Technology, Society, Environmental Studies

Urban and Regional Planning

Urban Studies

Violence, Extremism, and Terrorism

Virtual Communities and Communications

multiple modalities and multimedia

national and international infrastructures for information and 


service-oriented architectures

semantic web

social networking, mashups, and software engineering for large-scale 

government projects.

Law and economics

Financial system and economic development

Economic reforms and growth

the world economy 

State governance and economic policy 


Human and Social Evolutionary Complexity

Human Development based on psychological and social concepts

Human Rights Development

Human-Computer Interactions

Human-Environment Interactions

Information and Communication Systems 

Innovation, Technology and Society 

Interdisciplinary Research and Studies

International Relations & Collaborations


Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy

Land-Use Modeling Techniques and Applications

Law and Justice

Learning and Behavioral Modeling


digital libraries and knowledge management

geographic information systems

human-computer interaction

intelligent agents

information integration

interoperable data, networks and architectures

large scale data and information acquisition and management

mobile government

Innovative Business Models

Enterprise application integration

Business process re-engineering

Virtual enterprises and virtual markets

Supply, demand, and value chains

Virtual organizations and coalitions

Customer relationship management

e-Collaboration and e-Services

Inter-organizational systems

Future work environments for e-Business

Business Process Integration



Mobile business


Business / Enterprise Architectures

Electronic Marketsand Multiagent Systems

Semantic Web Ontologies, Rules and Services

Digital Goodsand Products

eNegotiations, Auctioning and Contracting

B2B, B2C, and C2C models

eMarket places, eHubs, and portals

Pervasive technologies for eCommerce

Dynamic pricing models

P2P-computing for eCommerce

ePayment systems

eCommerce Content Management

Consumer protection in eCommerce


e-Learning platforms


Practices and Cases in e-Education

Systems and Technologies in eEducation

Applications and Integration of eEducation

eLearning Evaluation and Content

Campus Information Systems

eLearning Technologies, Standards and Systems

Mobile Learning(mLearning)

Computer Aided Assessments

Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)

Multimedia in eLearning

Partnerships in eLearning

e-Learning Strategies

Effectiveness and Social Benefits of eLearning

Web-based and Collaborative Learning

Self-learning Integrated Methodology

Assertive and Assistive Educational Technology

Digital Classrooms&Blended Learning



e-Control and Risk Management







Systems, Design and Technologies

Knowledge Management

Technology Adoption and Diffusion of e-Management

e-Management Technologies, Standards and Systems

e-Management Strategies

e-Management Effectiveness and Outcomes

Social Benefits of e-Management

Current Trends in e-Management

Threats in e-Management





e-Government, Policy and Law

Government to Citizens, G2C

Government to Business, G2B

Government to Government, G2G

Present Trends in e-Governance

Threats in e-Governance









E-Commerce :

Economic and community development

Law and social justice

Social Science and Social Media

Cross-cultural studies

Social and community development

Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness

Globalization and Sustainable Development

Ethnicity, Difference, Identity

Sexuality, Gender, Families

Role of Nongovernmental Organizations

Theology, Religion, Spirituality

Sociology: concepts and practices

Research methodologies involving ‘human subjects

Social transformations: structure and agency in social dynamics

Developed and developing worlds

Management as social science

Human Resource Management


Communication Studies and Media Studies

Psychology and philosophy

Environmental and Physical Geography

History and Historiography

Law and Justice

Public Administration

Political Science and Sociology

Development Studies

Demography and Family Planning


Global security, Law and its Implications

Poverty and Global Justice

Women and Gender Equality

Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education